I was recently browsing through Spotify, and stumbled upon Meghan Trainor’s album “Title”. Each and every song, I can totally relate with, and I am sure that several girls feel the same as me, since her songs have been placing slots on the Billboard hits.

All About That Bass

Too all girls who have been strutting their curves, but have not been appreciated, this song is our theme song. Especially here in the Philippines, where size 0-2 “stick figure barbie dolls” are flaunting their flat butt, flat chested bodies, and are being commended as everyone’s fitspiration. Some of us know that no matter what we do, we will never reach that goal because our body-type is just not made to be a stick. Of course, we still have to give effort to lose a few pounds (if you are a total bum, and don’t have any form of exercise at all), but no matter what, we are all still beautiful. I am proud to be “all about that bass” and am sick and tired of all the skinny fashion bloggers, who have millions of followers, simply because everyone says that they are “so perfect”. We are all perfect. I do not have anything against skinny girls. But I definitely look up to ladies who strut their curves. Let’s bring booty back in! It’s about time.

Dear Future Husband

Now that times have changed, the women of the world are now being more proactive in school, in the workforce, and in other aspects of our lives. There are still some people who still strive to score life wherein they can find a man who would want to completely provide for their needs, and simply become a housewife. For some women, it is a struggle, because men are now totally comfortable with having their significant others provide for them. Fine, good for us women because we actually have the balls now, but that shouldn’t mean men are just allowed to sit around and enjoy, while the women in the world do all the work. Be a gentleman and please treat us right. We are fine doing some stereotypical wife-ly duties, but you have to be able to give back to us, without us even asking.

Close Your Eyes

I had a “twenty something life crisis” type of moment of my life wherein I tried to be exactly like everyone else. We all have those moments, and if you never had that, then wow, that is great! We should all embrace the “inner goddess” in ourselves, and no, not the kinky Fifty-Shades-Anastasia-Steel kind of inner goddess, but the inner goddess that sings to the top of her lungs, confident, and proud of who she is. I have also had a few times wherein I felt really stupid agreeing to some things that I did not care about and did not believe in. After while, I realized that I should not play “the cool girl” if I wasn’t. You will feel good about yourself for a short while, then regret it after. Be yourself, feel embarrassed for a while, then close your eyes and congratulate yourself, because you still have your dignity.


This is to all the the clingy girls who can’t help being clingy. We know it’s wrong, but this song just allows clingers to know that there are people out there who feel the same. We are paranoid, and we are always thinking about the risks and possibilities to different scenarios. So guys, don’t think that we are crazy. Sometimes, it’s just in our instinct. We know and understand the things that guys go through because of instinct, so please understand if we drunk text you at 3AM, wondering if you still think we are beautiful.

Like I’m Gonna Lose You

This song reminds me of “When I Was Your Man”, simply because it the total opposite. I see couples who take each other for granted, and it makes me sad because love should be continuous and never ending. I will not apologize being a total idealistic romantic person.

Bang Dem Sticks

We all have preferences in men, and we all just find it totally hott when a guy flaunts the best part of him that you fawn over. Girls, if you like something about a guy, tell them about it, because sometimes they are not as proud of it as most people, and it also kind of boosts their ego, and makes them more of the confident guy that you love. It’s also actually good for you because you see the best side of him grow.


I am not a drunk. I don’t go out a lot to have drinks galore, but when I do, it’s totally worth it. I’m 21, young and should be making all the mistakes I should make at this time of my life. Go, have fun, make mistakes, meet people, make a fool out of yourself… then learn.


Sometimes, we meet guys who just keep sending us the worst kind of mixed signals. Flirt texts us and then leaves us hanging for a while, then gets back to us with a total 2AM booty call type of “whassup”, or “wanna go out sometime”. Okay fine, us ladies, we like the chasing game as much as any other person, but there comes a time when expectations should bet set, especially when the “relationship” has gone to a certain point of “almost there but not yet”. This song actually reminds me of a very close friend of mine who was totally confident of asking for the title, otherwise, she will just move on.

What If I

In Meghan’s commentary of this song, she spoke about a guy who brought her home, and went home. Makes me feel more comfortable, knowing that there are still guys out there who are real gentleman, and are mature enough to know how to respect a girl. Whoever Meghan’s inspiration was for this song, I do not speak for myself, but for a lot of girls as well, when I say: “Please teach all the men of the world how to treat women right”. Also, “Do you want to go out sometime?”

Lips Are Moving

To all the guys out there who call us “baby” and make out with god knows how many other girls out there, I wanna give you something: a slap on the face. Don’t even try to defend yourself. We may like you, but we are not idiots.

No Good For You

Finally, you got out of that bad relationship that made you totally MIA. Now, don’t dwell on it and just enjoy life, because guess what? Being single is not too bad! Now, you are in total control of your life. You can do whatever you want, without having to wonder what “he” thinks about it. You can be your real self that everyone loves. You can also stop lying to yourself about everything, because, seriously, we all know you were also getting tired of it.

Mr. Almost

I’m sorry if I come out as totally choosy, if I totally agree with this song. Yes, okay, no one is probably going to meet you list of “perfect boyfriend”. But you really just cannot settle for something that is “okay” or “almost there”. – Everything fits, but there is no spark at all. – You’re really sweet and you go the extra mile, but you are totally weird. – I just don’t find you attractive.

My Selfish Heart

In relation to my comments on “Mr. Almost”, again, I’m sorry if I came off as a tease, but hey, to those total no potentials, I really did tell you to your face. Take the rejection, and move on. No matter what you do, it’s not going to happen. forgive my selfish heart.


No direct experience, but I know people who have “changed” people, or maybe not exactly change them, but at the very least made them a better person. Not even totally in relationships, specifically, but also in several aspects of like. Like in their work attitude for example. Cheers to the people who showed me what not to do, and were great role models. Cheers to those who became better people because of certain friends or partners. Cheers, because the world is slowly changing, one person at a time.

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