I was alone, in front of a crowd. I let myself feel what I felt before… in the halls where I grew up, where I found myself, where I discovered that I had talent. I sang for over four hundred individuals, who were all strangers, but instead of being completely nervous, I was comfortable–not because I was not afraid to mess up,  goodness, I wanted to render a perfect song–it was because I felt like I was home. I forgot that feeling.

I landed my professional shows whilst I was in high school. I would proactively audition for several roles in several theatre companies. I also always took a lead role in anything musical related in school. Upon entering university, I got caught up in several irrelevant distractions… and of course, my academic schedule was very tight and incompatible with whatever time rehearsals would be. I immediately landed a job after accomplishing all academic requirements. I guess you could say I wasn’t able to breathe.

Almost a year later, and I am already with my second employer. It’s a huge opportunity, since I have so much room for growth, but I feel like I am destined for so much more. Even with my first company, I submitted my first resignation letter after 6 months because I knew I wanted so do something more. I decided to stay since they allowed me to have 3 weeks off work to go to the Bahamas. Even then, I could not identify what was missing until came back to the place that was once my second home, where I would spend most of my days. Where my mind would be on both weekends and weekdays.

Visiting my high school alma mater was more than just an invitation to perform. Today was a good eye-opener. I look back to my high school graduation (yearbook). I wanted to become a theatre actress. It’s only been a year from graduation. I can still make it. Right?

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