Disclaimer: I am not promoting buying fake products because I respect the fact that designer goods are well worth the price declared.

Certain designer bags are a big hit on the black market. You can check Instagram shops, Facebook shop pages, you can even check out a several sellers on OLX and ebay, and you are sure to find a handful of resellers, promoting and encouraging individuals to buy their counterfeit goods. You will be surprised at how much fake products you will find, and what kind of products are being replicated: bags, shoes, clothing, makeup, perfume, jewellery, and even gadgets. It is a wide market with a wide audience, and unfortunately, I believe the Filipinos are the biggest consumers of these counterfeit goods. Or at least most of them are being sold here in the Philippines. It is definitely not a surprise though, as our country tries really hard to not be it’s own country. Our cities are populated with malls, which mostly have foreign/imported stores & goods–and if the store is Filipino, most of the products are inspired by US store / product.

Here’s a tip I found on¬†skincarebyalana.com regarding fake beauty products


As much as I hate how this blog post is going, I want to be completely honest with whoever is reading this post and tell you that if you are a fan of fake / replica good, it’s OK. See, the thing about these products, is that only a handful of people will know the difference, and if you are some sort of a social climber, trying to get people to think you are “all that” by flaunting your almost-original-but-not-really Louis Vuitton bag, then you should keep reading, since I will tell you how to do it properly.

First, you have to understand what makes a designer bag a designer bag. It’s accessibility, availability and of course, quality. If Bag A is given free, and Bag B is priced at a really astronomically high value, then everyone would have Bag A, while the elite, will have Bag B. Of course, if you are that social climber, then you will definitely rush to buy Bag B, or at least look like you had “all that” to spend on your bucks on.

Now, for those who cannot afford to buy these classy bags, you’re stuck with the usual Marikina made / local brands like Parisian, Secosana and (Michaela?). You can also go for a slightly classier alternative by checking out Forever 21, or H&M, which are actually one of the top wanted brands at the moment.

Designer bags are made and bought because of the brand, the authentic design, and the quality. So please respect the designer by purchasing the authentic product.

More tips on determining fake products:


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