There are too many articles about working at night, but unfortunately, there is are limited articles on the positive side of working at night. I know that there are more reasons to not work at night: getting away from the night / 3rd shift schedule is one of the reasons why people leave companies, particularly BPO companies. However, how about those who actually work at night and who have to go through this everyday? Well, here are a few things that you have that day shifters don’t:

  1. Staying out for hours after your shift is something that is acceptable. Since the sun is up, and since everyone else is awake during that time, you can totally be up all day (“night”). You can also do errands early in the morning, as opposed to having to sneak those errands in between your shift during the day.
  2. Less traffic. If you live in the Philippines, and you work at night, I assure you, even if the traffic is still bad, it’s not as horrible as the traffic you will experience if you worked during the day.
  3. You get to use all types of sunglasses as you are basically a vampire. Someone like me, would really appreciate this. I have over 20 pairs (and counting). Bring out your sunglasses collection and hide those caveman/woman eyes!
  4. You get to eat whatever you want, because everyone else you work with is basically eating anything and everything all night. If you’re not watching your weight, then you’ll be very happy with all the cakes, the junk food, and other snacks stashed in your seatmate’s lockers… or even “free for all food” on their stations.
  5. You get paid to work at nights. 10% night differential is a big amount depending on what your base pay is. How about 20%? Even more! You’re getting paid because working at night is definitely a sacrifice, but if you are fine with how much extra money you are making, then by all means!
  6. You somehow get closer to your colleagues. Because you are basically isolated and stuck with these people. You have only them to go on your breaks with–no quick lunches with your friends from other companies since you are somewhat tired or off-guard during your “lunch break” and of course, you want to make sure you are safe and come back in once piece. You also get to know the (possibly) worst side of your colleagues. Since most are not particularly at their normal state (might be moody, cranky, or sleepy). You all get used to that side of each other and are not particularly offended when someone says something rude or ignores you. Conflicts may or may not last long as well, depending on the maturity of who you work with.
  7. You age. You learn a thing or two about life, when working at night. Honestly, I do not regret working the third shift, and feel that during this time, I gained a little wisdom and saw a different perspective of life. You will get tired. You will have days wherein you only had 3 hours of sleep each day. But in the end, you “just have to keep swimming”.

So again, it really depends on what your priorities are. You may have some kids that you want to spend a little more time with in the morning that you cannot do if you work during the day, or errands, or maybe you are just simple a night person and cannot seem to be awake or productive during the day. Either way, it’s something that you will only understand once you have tried it.

What do you think is good about working at night?

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