Each person has their own style. We all have our own branding. No matter how defined it is, or how vague it is, we are unique. Some of us… or rather, most of us, don’t realize that we are unique. We see people who are similar to us. We see those who dress like us, talk like us, act like us, and like the same things as us. Sometimes, we may feel that we are inferior against others, because they are more confident, or more “successful” in terms of how they share their talent. With social media nowadays, it even seems that another person is more superior based on the number of likes or followers. However, no matter how much we convince ourselves that we are less, a lot of us still want more. We can get that more. All we need to do is try,

Fashion changes every so often. We can evolve and flow with the changes. We can take inspiration from others on how to apply these changes. We can mix and match the trends to develop our personal style. I have to admit that I am guilty on doing this unconsciously. I realized too, that in my case, for each change in fashion / style, I also had a change in environment.

In my college days, back when bandage skirts were in, I owned over 6 skirts. I had 6 to mix and match with my tops for school. But looking back, I basically had the same look. And maybe a million more wore it similarly, but I realize that I had my way of applying it to myself. I wore the bandage skirt, and tucked in part of my top / shirt and had the top slightly dangle over the top lining / band of the skirt. I usually wore flat shows, closed, and after some time, I switched to wearing open shoes / sandals. Eventually skater skirts became the new thing, and I wore is similarly to the bandage skirt (top tucked in).

Moving into the work setup, I still wore my bandage skirts, and skater skirts. As I started to become closer to being and official employee in Human Resources, I slowly realized that somehow these skirts were too short for the work setting and I switched to wearing those jeggings from Uniqlo (yes, we all love those). I wore my tops the same. Tucked in. From the T-shirt style tops in college, I evolved to wearing collared tops / blouses, which freaked me out for a while because I started to look for clothes similar to what my mom had in her closet (basically, I started to feel old). I typically wore the same things until recently when culottes became the new in thing.

Working in events was a drastic change. Especially after working in Human Resources for over 2 years. I took quite a big pay cut, but I was exposed to a whole new setup. We didn’t have a dress code at my events job. We could wear our jammies straight from bed, and our boss wouldn’t care for as long as we deliver our work, and are dressed well enough, especially if we have to go to meetings. I lived 10 mins away from my office, so it was really not a problem for me to wear “whatever I wanted”. So sometimes I wore shorts, but most times, I wore culottes because of it’s comfortability and freedom. I usually wore it with a tank top / sleeveless top (because I could).

I work with my mom now. We own a soap business, MANILQ. I handle most aspects of marketing, including distribution, branding, social media, and aesthetics. Some days, I have to meet with people, so on those occasions, I have to be presentable, and kinda made up. There are also days wherein I just stay home and work from there, and take an hour’s break from being home by going to a mall or coffee shop, so on those days, I might look “straight out of bed”. Of course, when I am out, I am usually quite presentable. I still have that laid back look (sometimes I leave a pair of sunglasses on my head just to give that “chill” look.


So that’s how I have personally evolved in terms of personal style. With all the changes, I have certain factors that I considered in determining my personal style.

  1. Comfort. Am I okay wearing this everyday? Do I feel awkward? Are there certain positions I can’t move?
  2. Flatter. Does this top fit right? Does this piece make me look too fat? Too thin? Am I bothered with how it falls on my body?
  3. Me-ized (Michelleized). Does this outfit speak who I am? Is it too girly? Sporty? Does it reflect with who I am as a person? Does it give others a hint on who I am, what I do with this combination? You have to You-ize your outfit. Make it yours. Show the world your aura.

Express yourself through all this. Be happy. Your style is your smile.

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