I am an avid online shopper. I basically get almost anything I can get online. From clothes, to bags, to gadgets, to shoes. An aunt of mine always wonders how I manage to purchase shoes online (without fitting them beforehand) and end up with a pair that comfortably fits me. Well, I managed to master the art of shopping for shoes online as I would know my size is using the chart I made below.

I am usually a US 6.5. But sometimes I play around US 6 and US 7. My euro size is almost always a Euro 37, but I may move to Euro 38 based on the legitimacy of the shoes (certain shoes have inaccurate sizes). My UK size is almost always a UK 4 – 4. Using the chart below, I would fall under US 6.5, Euro 37, and UK 4.5.

When purchasing shoes, all the best thing to do is to bring this chart with you and as long as you have at least two (2) matching sizes from the first three (3) columns, then that shoe should be the perfect fit for your feet.

Hope this helps all you shoppers out there! Do you purchase your shoes online? Let me know!

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